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“I find the regular guy can make it just fine if government will leave him alone, let him keep more of his money—and not take away his belief that it is up to him.”

— Dave Ramsey

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  • Northwest Tarrant Memorial Day 2017 Program

    By Editor on May 25, 2017
    You and your family are welcome. Monday, May 29, 2017 7005 Charbonneau, Lake Worth, TX 76135 8:00 – Please note the Flags will be lowered as protocol to half staff. 10:00 – Northwest Tarrant Chamber Director Greg Fox welcomes everyone to the event. 10:05 – Invocation by Pastor Todd Derbyshire of Cross Point Church of the Nazarene of Lake Worth […]
  • In Old Lake Worth – Lake Worth Shrine Mosque

    By Editor on May 3, 2017
    The Lake Worth Shrine Mosque was made entirely of wood and sat atop a bluff overlooking the waters of Lake Worth. The bluff became known as Mosque Point and has been a popular hangout for Lake Worth High School students for many years. By Joe McDaniel…. The Lake Worth Shrine Mosque once sat on a bluff overlooking the waters of […]
  • THE IDLE AMERICAN – Uncle Mort and Horse Sense…

    By Editor on May 3, 2017
      Commentary by Dr. Don Newbury     Horse sense–my 104-year-old Uncle Mort maintains–is much more than stable thinking. As a charter member of the “spit and whittle club” at the general store in the thicket, they weigh the world’s weightiest problems, often with wild abandon. If only two geezers show up, arguments are common, but not much is settled. With […]
  • The NW Sun Needs A Great Salesperson or two!

    By Editor on May 2, 2017
    TheNWSun.com, seeks slightly obsessive, but non-psycho sales reps. We are seeking two additional sales reps who will relentlessly pursue new business like the contestants on Survivor pursue food. We’d rather you not be totally nuts  we’ve known reps like that, and it didn’t work out so well  but slightly obsessive about generating revenue and a great deal commission is fine […]