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  • THE IDLE AMERICAN – Challenges of Childhood…

    By Editor on January 9, 2018
      Commentary by Dr. Don Newbury —    Childhood illnesses in the mid-20th Century were rarely treated by physicians who practiced medicine. Instead, mothers practiced home remedies with abandon. Many among us can remember times when the treatment was worse than the illness, as well as accompanying psychological damage that won’t let go. Youngsters cringed at hearing parental diagnoses. What […]
  • THE IDLE AMERICAN — Year-End Mort Musings…

    By Editor on January 2, 2018
       Commentary by Dr. Don Newbury  —  Rarely is “pensive” used as a descriptive for my 105-year-old Uncle Mort. In the hours unfolding from an old year to a new one, however, he grows silent. This is the claim of his bride, Maude, who repeated wedding vows with him 80-something years ago. And, when Maude makes a claim, it is […]