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“I find the regular guy can make it just fine if government will leave him alone, let him keep more of his money—and not take away his belief that it is up to him.”

— Dave Ramsey

Area History

  • In Old Lake Worth – “My Best Fishing Buddy”

    By Editor on February 25, 2018
                            By Joe McDaniel …. Jack Shaddy made a hobby of writing about his Lake Worth memories and the townspeople who meant so much to him. But no friend meant as much to him as Lee Pope. They became acquainted as neighbors in the Indian Oaks neighborhood of Lake […]
  • In Old Lake Worth – Jack Shaddy: Storyteller

    By Editor on January 22, 2018
          By Joe McDaniel………… Jack Shaddy’s writings were few, but the things he wrote showed that he might have missed his calling as a writer. Shaddy had a career in mechanical engineering. But he wrote stories about Lake Worth occasionally throughout his life. He wrote as often as he could and as late in his life as he […]
  • In Old Lake Worth-The Baptism

    By Editor on September 15, 2017
    By Joe McDaniel –     It was a day in the mid-1970s that Rev. George Dixon, as pastor of First Baptist Church of Lake Worth, expected to be like any other day. There were the usual pastoral duties and obligations. There also were the usual interruptions. One such interruption would give Dixon an experience unlike any he ever had. […]
  • In Old Lake Worth ……………….. Lee McLaughlin

    By Editor on August 17, 2017
    By Joe McDaniel……   Lee McLaughlin once thought he might have a career as a rodeo trick roper, a football player or a lawman. And McLaughlin proved he had the skills and talent to do each one. But it took only a college course to help him discover his passion. He took an acting course on a whim in junior […]
  • In Old Lake Worth – Vivian Greer Hodgkins White

    By Editor on June 19, 2017
        The Hodgkins clan is pictured at a family reunion in the late 1930s. Vivian Hodgkins White is seated on the second row, fifth from the left. To her left are her parents, James and Sarah Hodgkins. James Hodgkins is regarded as the father of Lake Worth business and its school system. (Click the Read More for larger photo) […]
  • In Old Lake Worth – Lake Worth Shrine Mosque

    By Editor on May 3, 2017
    The Lake Worth Shrine Mosque was made entirely of wood and sat atop a bluff overlooking the waters of Lake Worth. The bluff became known as Mosque Point and has been a popular hangout for Lake Worth High School students for many years. By Joe McDaniel…. The Lake Worth Shrine Mosque once sat on a bluff overlooking the waters of […]
  • In Old Lake Worth – William W. “Bill” Merrett

    By Editor on April 3, 2017
    By Joe McDaniel ….     Bill Merrett was known as much for his sense of humor as he was for his successful local political career. A childhood prank and his humorous comments as a politician made Merrett a colorful character. His effectiveness as a leader made him a part of Lake Worth history. He became the city’s first mayor […]
  • In Old Lake Worth – Three Men and a Land Deed

    By Editor on February 25, 2017
    By Joe McDaniel —   If Lake Worth homeowners read through their abstracts of title they might notice the names George Crawford, Robert Toombs and Hanson Catlett. Crawford was a Georgia governor and a United States Secretary of War. Toombs was a U.S. congressman from Georgia and the first Secretary of State of the Confederacy. Catlett was a Republic of […]
  • In Old Lake Worth ………………….. A Tale of Three Bridges

    By Editor on January 13, 2017
    By Joe McDaniel      The Nine Mile Bridge has stirred curiosity among some first-time visitors to the Lake Worth area over the years. Those visitors likely expected to the bridge to be an impressive spectacle unlike anything they had ever seen. Imagine their dismay when they learned the bridge was named not for its length, but for its distance […]
  • In Old Lake Worth – The 1941 Bullfrogs: A Football First

    By Editor on November 16, 2016
     By Joe McDaniel The Lake Worth High School football program began 75 years ago with a minimum of resources to tackle a maximum of challenges. The 1941 Bullfrogs’ equipment, uniforms and facilities were makeshift at best. The players had no real game experience. The team thrived on moral victories earned with success in effort, skill and technique. These did not […]
  • In Old Lake Worth – The Showboat

    By Editor on August 16, 2016
    By Joe McDaniel R.H. “Bob” Carnahan believed that though the Lake Worth community of the late 1930s was tiny and rural it still was big enough for two major nightclubs. For a decade the Casino Ballroom already had attracted thousands of partygoers with dining, dancing and live music. But Carnahan had more in mind than just a standard structure as […]
  • In Old Lake Worth – USS Lake Worth

    By Editor on May 22, 2016
    By Joe McDaniel For a short time the Lake Worth name was carried overseas on a cargo ship. This was at the end of World War I when the Lake Worth community was little more than the lake, several lake houses and scattered farms and ranches. The USS Lake Worth hauled cargo for the United States Navy from 1918 to […]
  • In Old Lake Worth – Lake Worth United Methodist Church

    By Editor on May 19, 2016
    By Joe McDaniel Churchgoers say often that a church is not the building, but it is the people who worship there. Methodists in the Lake Worth area kept that in mind in 1937 as they braved the weather to hold their first services outdoors. They met at Mosque Point overlooking the waters of Lake Worth until they could obtain a […]
  • In Old Lake Worth – Azleway Ranch

    By Editor on April 23, 2016
    By Joe McDaniel The only remembrance left of Azleway Ranch is a two-block street and a street sign in Sansom Park. The sign is at the intersection of Yeary Street and the two-block long, misspelled Azle Way. It stands near what used to be the ranch’s entrance. That entrance led to a haven for troubled youths that lasted only seven […]
  • In Old Lake Worth- The Legend of The Lake Worth Bullfrog

    By Editor on February 6, 2016
    By Joe McDaniel Almost eighty years ago the Lake Worth High School student body did something to distinguish their school from others in Texas and the United States. They chose a school mascot and became the Lake Worth Bullfrogs. The students also chose green and white school colors to match the hefty, long-legged amphibian’s color. To this day LWHS is […]
  • In Old Lake Worth… Glen Jones: My Lake Worth Memories

    By Editor on October 20, 2015
    By Joe McDaniel   Glen Jones has memories of the Lake Worth area that few natives these days are old enough to have. At age 81, Jones remembers Lake Worth as a tiny, mostly rural and unincorporated community in the 1940s and early ‘50s. It was a peaceful settlement by day with lively nightclub activity on the edge of town […]
  • In Old Lake Worth – Paul Meador

    By Editor on September 5, 2015
    By Joe McDaniel – To Paul Meador, the phrase “to serve and to protect” was more than just a law enforcement slogan. They are words by which he lived. Meador worked tirelessly to serve and protect citizens in his jurisdiction as a Tarrant County Constable and a Fort Worth lake patrol officer. His efforts endeared him to the Lake Worth […]
  • In Old Lake Worth – Camp Leroy Shuman

    By Editor on August 12, 2015
      By Joe McDaniel These days Camp LeRoy Shuman sits abandoned while nestled in a wooded area by a winding road near Lake Worth’s western shores. But for more than 60 years Lake Worth youngsters were among the many Boy and Girl Scouts who camped at the site. There they learned valuable skills and kept Camp Shuman brimming with youthful […]