Quote of the week:

“I find the regular guy can make it just fine if government will leave him alone, let him keep more of his money—and not take away his belief that it is up to him.”

— Dave Ramsey


  • 401(k) Max Contribution is Now $18,500; Ways You Get the Most

    By Editor on February 5, 2018
    By TD Ameritrade If you’re just beginning your career, you might have prioritized paying off college debt and building emergency savings rather than retirement. Ironically, though, retirement is one of the first things you should consider. If your job has an employer-sponsored retirement plan, it can pay to take advantage early on to benefit from the power of compounding. istock.com/Geber86 Even […]
  • Fear of lose on civic coverage and watchdog reporting

    By Editor on January 23, 2018
    By Steve Gray Vice President of Strategy and Innovation Morris Communications Augusta, Georgia, USA   As the relentless decline in ad revenues empties more and more newsroom desks, there’s been a little-noted side effect: Waning commitment to locally written editorials. Nobody seems to be noticing, and that’s a shame. In this and probably a future post, I intend to make the […]
  • THE IDLE AMERICAN – Challenges of Childhood…

    By Editor on January 9, 2018
      Commentary by Dr. Don Newbury —    Childhood illnesses in the mid-20th Century were rarely treated by physicians who practiced medicine. Instead, mothers practiced home remedies with abandon. Many among us can remember times when the treatment was worse than the illness, as well as accompanying psychological damage that won’t let go. Youngsters cringed at hearing parental diagnoses. What […]
  • THE IDLE AMERICAN — Year-End Mort Musings…

    By Editor on January 2, 2018
       Commentary by Dr. Don Newbury  —  Rarely is “pensive” used as a descriptive for my 105-year-old Uncle Mort. In the hours unfolding from an old year to a new one, however, he grows silent. This is the claim of his bride, Maude, who repeated wedding vows with him 80-something years ago. And, when Maude makes a claim, it is […]
  • THE IDLE AMERICAN – On Unorthodox Recruiting…

    By Editor on September 6, 2017
      Commentary by Dr. Don Newbury    This high school choir teacher maintains a high excitement level throughout the year, but it peaks with the beginning of school each fall. That’s when she’s on high alert to sign up new members. And she does it with the zeal of a gal awarded a 10-yard head start in a Sadie Hawkins […]
  • THE IDLE AMERICAN —    Who You Gonna Call?

    By Editor on June 30, 2017
      Commentary by Dr. Don Newbury    Not so many years ago, when children were asked to do household chores, they might register resistance with beginning letters of four words–“TNMJ.” (That’s Not My Job.) Such requests made these days might just as well be directed to telephone poles, since most children have “buds” in their ears, choosing to listen to […]
  • THE IDLE AMERICAN – Uncle Mort and Horse Sense…

    By Editor on May 3, 2017
      Commentary by Dr. Don Newbury     Horse sense–my 104-year-old Uncle Mort maintains–is much more than stable thinking. As a charter member of the “spit and whittle club” at the general store in the thicket, they weigh the world’s weightiest problems, often with wild abandon. If only two geezers show up, arguments are common, but not much is settled. With […]
  • Tarrant County Sheriff Shares Thoughts Concerning The Harris County Shooting

    By Editor on September 2, 2015
    Sunday, August 30 at 1:00pm Like most of you I’ve spoken to or heard from, I am stunned and in shock over the murder of the Harris County Deputy. So many law enforcement leaders are trying to make sense of what is happening and where it is headed. I find it hard to make sense out of something senseless. I have […]
  • THE IDLE AMERICAN Albuquerque Visitors: ‘Soar’ Winners….

    By Editor on July 21, 2015
      Commentary by Dr. Don Newbury    Many tourist destinations tease with promises to “get away from it all.” One in the U.S. goes a step further. Albuquerque, NM, offers opportunities to “get above” much of it, thanks to mountainous trails, a memorable aerial tramway and world-renowned hot air ballooning. After spending a few days there, I’d dare suggest an “elevated” […]
  • THE IDLE AMERICAN — Demerits to Timid Texan

    By Editor on March 25, 2015
    — Commentary by Dr. Don Newbury        Concern shouldn’t rise to the level of secession from the union, but adopted Texan Tony Romo—as well as home grown luminaries Willie Nelson and Matt McConaughey–failed us miserably. The trio squandered opportunities to shore up Old West images on Jimmy Kimmel’s TV show aired nationally for an entire week from Austin during […]
  • THE IDLE AMERICAN… Pull Up a Chair

    By Editor on March 17, 2015
     Commentary by Dr. Don Newbury Ask any chiropractor, masseur or masseuse, and answers will be similar. Most Americans are tense, on the wrong side of the frazzle equation. They are sheep-go-alongers, if you will– figuring if the finish line is reached without indebtedness, so be it. To live positively is considered wishful thinking, perhaps attainable only with medication or something […]
  • Install a red light at the entrance to our neighborhood

    By Editor on February 28, 2015
    Petitioning City of Ft. Worth Lisa Williams Fort Worth, TX Since May 2014, I personally have seen and heard of way too many accidents at the intersection of Bailey Boswell and Eagle’s Landing/Bowman Roberts, in zip code 76179 in North Ft Worth. One of these accidents was my son, which totaled his vehicle. Our neighborhood is worried someone is going […]
  • Citizen Opinion …

    By Editor on October 21, 2014
    Vanessa Bojorquez Do not know if this is considered Saginaw or Fort Worth. But does anyone else think we need a cross walk on Old Decatur Rd by Remington Point Elem? This morning I saw about 4 kids (K-3rd grade maybe) trying to cross Old Decatur Rd to get to school and cars were not stopping nor slowing down.
  • The Real Story About What Ended the Great Depression

    By Editor on October 2, 2014
    COMMENTARY BY Stephen Moore@StephenMoore Stephen Moore, who formerlywrote on the economy and public policy for The Wall Street Journal, is chief economist at The Heritage Foundation. Read his research. My seventh-grade son recently wrote a U.S. History paper extolling the virtues of President Franklin Roosevelt’s New Deal. “It ended the Great Depression,” he wrote with great certainty. He’s only 12 and parroting […]
  • It’s time for the states to override the fed

    By Editor on July 2, 2014
    Governor Jan Brewer June 30 at 7:22pm · Today, President Obama once again played politics and lectured Congress and the American people. Instead of discussing what he is going to do immediately to address the illegal immigration crisis he manufactured, the President offered little more than the predictable rhetoric and blame shifting we have come to expect from this administration. Disturbingly, […]
  • Cultural Restitution – The Monuments Men Recognition Act of 2013

    By Editor on February 4, 2014
    On Dec. 5, 2013, Rep. Granger introduced H.R. 3658, The Monuments Men Recognition Act of 2013. The bipartisan legislation would honor the Monuments Men of World War II with the Congressional Gold Medal… As published in Fort Worth, Texas Magazine Cultural Restitution …Edsel said that the Monuments Men Foundation has “three angels that have helped us along the way in […]
  • Judge Jacqueline Wright is On The Ballot

    By Editor on December 24, 2013
    Judge Jacquelyn Wright Tarrant County Justice of the Peace Precinct 4 Jacquelyn Wright has served the communities in northwest Tarrant County for 24 years as Justice of the Peace Precinct Four. Her current term expires in 2014 and the Judge had decided to seek another term. The Judge had been challenged on her required number of signatures to qualify her to be […]
  • Dave Lieber and his TEDx Talk

    By Editor on December 11, 2013
          My friend and fellow storytelling expert Dave Lieber has just posted a wonderful video from his TEDx talk. I think it’s worth watching. It’s funny, smart and very educational. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Bo3dpVb5jw play video Dave Lieber TEDxSMU 2013 youtube.com In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, TEDx is a program of local, self-organized events that bring people together to share […]